CV and Interview Tips

The CV is to get you an interview. Ideally it will be one page long, and no more than two. It must give your personal details, your academic and professional qualifications, your career history and your responsibilities and achievements. It must be accurate with no time gaps.

To be successful in private equity you need to be able to present information succinctly and clearly, your CV will show if you can do this.

CV tips

  • One page is ideal, two pages maximum
  • Education first and then work experience, starting with your current employer
  • Don't use graphics, unusual fonts, logos, web links or complicated formats. You should look professional and clear. Too much noise can be seen as concealing poor content
  • Photos aren't needed
  • Check spelling and grammar - particularly items in capital letters as some spell checks don't pick these up
  • Bullet points are good - long pieces of text are not
  • Visa status is important

Interview tips

  • Understand the company - check their website, check the internet for recent transactions 
  • Think of assignments you have worked on that show you have the skills - practice presenting
  • What do you need to know about this firm to accept this job - prepare your questions
  • Arrive punctually and be smartly dressed
  • Be positive, enthusiastic and smile          

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