Private Equity Workshops

Our Private Equity Careers Centre runs early morning interactive workshops for a limited number of people on how to get a job in private equity. The workshops take place at our London office as well as various locations around Europe.

The workshop is presented by Gail McManus, head of Private Equity Recruitment and former private equity investor. Gail has an MBA from London Business School and has been involved in private equity for more than 20 years. She started her career with 3i in a regional office investing in some of the UK's earliest management buy-outs. She later became 3i's UK business development manager. Gail then moved into recruitment and started PER and has been recruiting for private equity funds for the past 15 years.

They will cover :

  • The different roles in private equity and venture capital and the skills required.
  • Matching your skills to the right firm.
  • Psychology behind the recruitment process.
  • What the private equity firms are looking for.
  • Top tips on how to illustrate these skills.
  • Answering the key questions.
  • Selling yourself successfully.

Additionally, at the end of the session, you will have

  • A personalised Q&A session.
  • Feedback on your CV, background and career prospects.

For more information and to book your place, please go to our Private Equity Careers Centre, PEC website

People who attended the workshop said:

"PEC's workshop has given me real insight into the PE industry, and I am confident of using my learning from the workshop to enhance my chances of getting a suitable role at a leading PE firm. With several years of solid experience in PE recruitment, Gail clearly identified strengths and weakness in my CV, and suggested several improvements which would be helpful for me to emerge as a winner in rigorous PE selection procedure. I really enjoyed every minute spent in workshop, and looking forward to PER recruitment team's assistance in finding a suitable PE role."

Investment Banking Associate, Goldman Sachs

"The workshop has given me real exposure from one of the best PE recruiters. It has filled a vacuum within my job hunting space by providing top level industry exposure, almost on a one to one basis. Over and above that, it has greatly supplemented my recent Private Equity MBA training obtained at London Business School with unique insights, which i was otherwise unaware of."

MBA Candidate, London Business School