Application Process

Applying online is straight forward, it's fast, efficient and confidential. 

For each role you express an interest in we'll do the following: 

  • Our consultants will take a considered look at your background against the job specification, most private equity funds are very specific when hiring and, as a mandate-led recruitment consultancy, we can only shortlist candidates with a very particular set of skills and experiences
  • If you match this spec we'll have a chat with you to give you more information about the role and more about our client also
  • We'll only send your CV with your permission. It must be in Word format as we remove your contact details and add ours, together with our logo
  • We'll make all the interview arrangements if you're selected or let you know by email if you're not
  • Do give us a call us after each meeting with your feedback and we'll tell you what the client thought and guide you through the next stages
  • We give help and advice at each step helping you to prepare for interview, present your skills effectively and perform well in case studies

Visit MyPER, our interactive area to improve your candidate experience.  Here you can manage, modify and update your personal record and check the status of your applications with PER.